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business skills

Royce offers custom-designed business training courses and coaching sessions focusing on speaking with confidence, as well as communications and presence skills building for managers, executives, CEOs and leaders. Please enquire directly to


Royce recently taught on the MsC Management masterclass programme at UCL. Details below.


MSc Management at University College London: Masterclasses


In addition to academic subjects, students have the opportunity to attend a series of innovative and interactive workshops aimed at improving their management and leadership skills:


Developing Dynamic Public Speaking Skills (Instructor: Royce Sparks)


Being a dynamic speaker requires four elements at work within the speaker: authenticity in the moment, freedom from self-consciousness, being engaging to watch, and being sensitive and connected to the atmosphere in the room. This workshop presents these concepts not as mysterious qualities that only some are born with, but rather as innate traits in all speakers that can be unlocked through a series of practical, enjoyable theatre exercises.

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