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Before finding out about my own social work and charity projects, I must encourage you to discover more about the deeply important work of my amazing mother who has given decades of her life to bettering several local communities in Botswana, Africa.

She is an incredible human being and I am very blessed to have been involved in her work.

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You can learn more here:

current projects

Royce is currently raising awareness for AniMeals, a concept whose important 

mission provides aid to senior citizens struggling to feed their pets by providing free pet food.


Pets bring the deepest solace and comfort, and in a society where seniors are still tragically forgotten about, this project keeps them connected to the sources of love and joy a pet brings. 

To find out how you can support this type of project, first see if there is one offered in your local community (you can always start your own if there isn't!). Otherwise you can visit one of the many great places offering this service here.

The remainder of this page is currently being updated but here you can find out about some of the projects Royce has done in the past and charities he supports.

Open Doors for Paris

In the wake of the tragic 2015 massacre at the Bataclan and several other areas in Paris, Royce created a project that gave locals in Paris a chance to go and stay in a warm, compassionate household outside of the city. In the end, many kind people from several countries joined in opening their homes and hearts to the people of Paris.

You can find archived information about this project here.

WaterAid Benefit

In collaboration with the wonderful acting expert Brigid Panet, a workshop Royce organised in London became a benefit for the charity, WaterAid, an important organisation Brigid is affiliated with. The event garnered much support from international artists across the world, raising even more awareness as well as £650 for the charity.

You can find archived information about this project here.

Goodwill Book Drive

A book drive organised by Royce along with several other local artists in the Arizona community was able to donate over 300 books to Goodwill Southern Arizona Chapter.

Love for Joan

Organised by a colleague and Royce, Love for Joan was a fundraiser through YouCaring (now GoFundMe) benefiting Joan, a brilliant, elderly acting teacher who became in need of a urgent dental surgery due to life-threatening complications. The fundraiser was able to raise several thousand dollars towards Joan's surgery. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid

To date Royce has provided artists and organisations over $12,000 in free workshops and scholarships to further the training and professional development of artists.

School Programs

Royce has in the past and continues to today provide free workshops, mentoring and coaching for high-school students finding their identity, and considering a career, in the arts. Schools Royce has done this for include: William Morris Academy, Latymer, Aclund Burghley, and Sydenham-Lewisham.

If you are a high-school interested in a workshop, please visit back for an update on this page. If he can, Royce will support you and the needs of your students. There is absolutely no charge for a session, and the content and length is tailored to your needs. 

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