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The Meisner technique offers something for everyone.


A popular method of training that for decades was known as, 'The theatre's best kept secret,' its behavior-oriented approach is renowned for developing performers that are uninhibited, mangnetic, and powerful to watch.

But what if the Meisner technique could do more than just develop actors? What if it could aid in your career by developing the skills needed to excel at your visions?

The Authentic Leader opens the door to this world of possibilities.

Available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book from Routledge, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Foyle's, and WHS Smith.

More Information:

Regardless of in business or the arts, an actor or a CEO, do you struggle with any of the following: stage fright, trouble speaking in public, feeling self-conscious, asserting yourself, not being heard, keeping the attention of others, or negotiating to get the things you need? How about the dreaded experience of not being in the moment, unable to just flow while speaking or presenting, trapped in your head and finding yourself unable to be spontaneous? If you have, you're not alone. Millions grapple with these challenges daily. What many don't consider is that being magnetic and watchable, speaking with confidence, having a powerhouse presence, and getting the things you need all have one common connection: these are the traits of powerful leaders. 

Whether you are green in your career or at the head of a nation, established within an organisation or pursuing a self-startup, or in one of the many challenging self-made fields such as the arts, sports, or coaching, the Meisner Technique offers the tools needed to support the growth of your leadership qualities. Its simple and efficient exercises reduce the mysteries of leadership to accessible, trainable components.  In short time you will find your confidence growing as you strengthen your ability to observe and respond without hesitation, speak in front of others with ease, improve your communication and negotiation skills, be spontaneous, and develop a level of dynamic presence you never knew you had. 

Presented in clear, reader-friendly language, The Authentic Leader is a book for people who have never heard of the Meisner Technique as well as those who have used it for years. Educators and coaches will find is one of the most comprehensive guides to teaching it for both for actors and non-actors, and clarifies many of its mysteries. As you journey through this technique you'll learn about the psychology of leaders, encounter unconventional examples of powerful leadership, de-mystify many of the unhelpful tools used in other approaches to coaching, and uncover findings from science that illuminate some of these concepts even further.

Most importantly, you'll discover the most powerful potential the Meisner Technique offers: magnetic, authentic leadership is available to you at all times. All it takes is one moment. 

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